What happens to your body if you don’t eat….

We all know the effects that over eating can have on your body, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, just to name a few. But not eating can also be damaging to your body and vital organs. Our bodies are programmed to consume certain nutrients and minerals in order to function at optimal levels. When we become deficient in these we jeopardize our physical and mental health.

You may find yourself binge eating

Denying yourself food can actually have the opposite effect and make you gain weight. Not eating or skipping meals can confuse the body, as it’s not getting the energy it needs to function. When you do then decide to eat, you may find yourself ravenous and overindulging. Generally you will start craving calorie dense foods such as, breads, pastries and sweets. Eating this way can lead to poor food choices, over-eating and leave you feeling quite unwell.

You are denying your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs

 All food groups provide the body with different vitamins and nutrients. Some have protein, iron and zinc, others provide calcium and fruit and vegetables are rich in fibre and vitamins A and  C. Cutting out foods or not getting enough means the body will be lacking in those essential nutrients.

Mood Swings

Ever heard of the term ‘HANGRY,’ it’s how you feel when you don’t eat, a combination of hungry and angry. This is caused when the body starts to run out of glycogen, leaving the brain without the energy it requires to make good emotional decisions. This is why we tend to feel moody and cranky when we don’t eat or skip a meal. This can also effected our decision making skills, which is why we say ‘I’m so hungry but I don’t know what to eat!!’ Frustrating isn’t it….

You are low in energy

Food is the bodies fuel source, it needs food to run efficiently. If you deny yourself food, the bodies basal metabolism starts to slow down to conserve the calories it has. Which means your drive to move and exercise is drastically reduced, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish. So basically your attempts to lose weight are actually being sabotaged by your own body, because it starts to hold onto what calories it has in case it needs them.

The simple way of tackling weight lose is, you need to expend more calories than you put in. But that doesn’t mean denying yourself food, it means making better dietary choices and exercising.




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