No equipment workout

I have recently started running some outdoor bootcamps which require minimal to no equipment. Now we all know I am a big gym fan, lifting lots of weights and stuff. But I still have occasions when I can’t get to the gym and still want to have a good workout. So here are a few exercises I have been incorporating for my boot campers that you might find helpful…


In a standing position, place both hands behind your head, but just rest them there, the hands should not pull on your neck. One at a time, lower each leg to a kneeling position, then one leg at a time, stand back up again.

surrender 1surrender 2

Lateral jumps

This one is simple. Feet together, jump from side to side. By incorporating a lateral, side to side movement, we help to improve stability, strength and coordination. They also help to tone the sides of your legs, for all over better conditioning. If you find jumping to be too high impact, switch it for a lateral lunge.

Bulgarian lunge

I have spoken about these in previous posts with regards to them being a great leg exercise. Another reason Bulgarian’s as so fantastic, is that they require no additional equipment, as you can simply use a step, bench, table or even a bed, to complete the movement. Basically all you need to do is elevate your back leg and perform a lunge movement. Check out my Squats blog post for pics.

Reverse lunge with high knee

From a standing position, instead of stepping forward to lunge, step backwards into a reverse lunge. The next part of the movement is pushing through your front heel and driving your knee up towards your chest to create the high knee.

Plank toe taps

Get into an elevated plank position, creating more of a V shape from the hips. Whilst holding this position, take you left hand and tap your right foot, then place the hand back to starting position. Repeat with opposite hand and foot.

plank.jpegplank 2

Inch worms 

Start with both feet and hands on the ground. Slowly walk your hands out, until your body is in a plank position. Then slowly walk your hands back towards your feet. That’s one rep.

inchworms.jpeginchworms 2.jpeg

Bear crawls

Get down onto your toes and hands as your starting position. As you slide your hands forward, bring the left knee up and out to the other side of the elbow and then repeat with the opposite foot. Use your legs and glutes to drive the movement and add the power.

bear crawl

Tricep push-ups

Get into a plank position with hands shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows tucked in by your sides and lower your chest towards the ground. Push back up to staring position.

triceptricep 2

When doing this workout you can either count reps or complete as many reps as you can in 30-45 seconds and complete as a HIIT workout.

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