My experience with L-carnitine

As you know, I have started a heavy lifting program recently and with that comes some additives to my diet, one being L-Carnitine. I have started taking this supplement during my workout, mixed with my BCAA’s and I’m experiencing some good results. So for those who aren’t sure what L-carnitine is, let’s have a look at it….

L-carnitine is derived from an amino acid and is found in almost all of the cells in your body. It is formed in the liver and kidneys but stored mainly in the muscles. We get L-carnitine mainly from meat and animal products, however you can also get it from some plant products, although red meat is best.

So what does it do….

Assist in fat loss

One of the roles of L-carnitine is it helps transport fat to be oxidized and used as fuel. It utilises long chain fatty acids and converts them to energy. This process allows the body to work out for longer before fatigued, resulting in greater weight loss opportunities.

I have been taking the L-carnitine for about 3 weeks now and I am yet to see any weight changes in my body. Not to say I won’t but nothing yet….

Reduces fatigue during workouts…

As L-carnitine uses long chain fatty acids as a fuel source, your body is able to sustain high levels of exercise for longer.

For myself, I have definitely noticed that I am able to sustain my lifting program for longer periods before getting to fatigued. Usually after the first few exercises I start getting weak and my muscles get exhausted, however since taking the L-carnitine I am definitely noticing a decrease in my fatigue.

Reduce muscle soreness and aids in recovery

L-carnitine can help reduce muscle damage, aid recovery and prevent muscle soreness. Studies have shown that people taking carnitine have shown less post exercise stress, tissue damage and muscle soreness.

This has absolutely been my experience. My muscle soreness has been limited on this program, which is a big surprise. Usually when I lift heavy I am sore for days and need rest days in between. However, whilst I have been a bit sore, I have been able to keep training and the DOM’s haven’t been too bad, still able to sit on the toilet, hahahaha.

As I mentioned, I am taking BCAA’s at the same time as the L-carnitine, so I cant say any of these results are solely based on one product and not the other. However, I have taken BCAA’s separately previously and not had similar results with regards to less muscle fatigue and soreness. I have also noticed the L-carnitine speeds up the digestive system, so be prepared.

I am going to keep taking L-carnitine while I do my heavy liftin program and then probably stop taking it again when I switch to volume training. I never take any supplement for to long, I like to cycle on and off to make sure my body doesn’t develop a tolerance.




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