My favourite workout gear….

I work in a gym, so I pretty much live in my workout clothes, which means I am super comfy all day long. Winning! But workout gear can get really expensive, really quickly. Especially because I wear 2 outfits a day, 1 that I train in, so it gets sweaty and gross and 1 that I wear while I’m working. There are some basics that every workout warrior needs:

  • A good pair of tights
  • A supportive sports bra
  • Versatile shoes
  • A good gym bag

I have noticed that some pieces for me are absolutely worth the money, while others I can get away with buying super cheap. This will differ depending on your size and exercise type. So for me who mainly lifts weights and has tiny boobs, I don’t need an amazing sports bra, instead I need supportive and manoeuvrable tights. But if your larger in the bust or do high energy cardio, a good sports bra is a must!

So these are what you would find in my closet:

Lululemon or Nike tights

I have tried lots of different brands, but for me its either lululemon or Nike. I used to solely wear Nike, which I love. I have several high-waisted pairs, made of thick fabric that are super supportive. I have had them for about 3 years and they are as good as ever. More recently a friend told me to try lululemon and their ‘life changing’ tights, as she described them. I wasn’t keen because they are so expensive, but they have a side pocket for my phone which is something I would use everyday while training people. So I went into lululemon, the staff were fantastic, and I bought 2 pairs. I have to say, they are fantastic! I squatted in them in the change rooms and I felt completely naked! Hahahaha… which was a nice feeling while squatting. So price wise:

  • Lululemon $130 per pair
  • Nike $60-$90 per pair

No doubting Nike is cheaper and has worn really well for me, but so far the lulu’s are also great. Time will tell if they last…

Cotton on, under armour or nike bra

I switch between these 3 brands because I tend to buy whatever is on sale at the time. Like I mentioned, I don’t have a large bust and I rarely do high impact activities, so I don’t need a lot of support. I usually head to the outlets, see which one has the nicest designs and the better deal and go from there. One thing I will say is that Nike seem to have a tighter fit than the other two. So if I’m wearing it all day I wear cotton on or under armour and save the Nike for the training session. Quality wise, I have never had to throw a bra away because it became damaged in some way, however my back has out grown a few Nike crops. Prices (remember I buy these on sale):

  • Cotton on $10-$15
  • Under armour $25-$35
  • Nike $20-$35

Nike shoes

Its always Nike shoes for me. I don’t even try them on, I buy a size 10 from the outlet section and away I go. I don’t buy the latest trends, which can be really pricey, I stick to last seasons shoes, not that anyone really knows the difference. And lets be honest, we keep our shoes for ages anyway, well I do at least. Price:

  • $50-$90 per pair


Could not care less where I buy my tops from. I have ones from Kmart, Target, Under Armour, Puma, Nike, Adidas, Cotton on and Fila. If I like the design and its a reasonable price, that’s all I’m interested in. I have a white cotton singlet from cotton on that is stretched and covered in holes, but I love it! I think I will have it forever… Price:

  • $5-$30

Lululemon bag

I recently switched to a Lulu bag because my old bag squeaked when I walked. I use quite a large sports bag for work because I have a few meals in there, my toiletries, change of clothes and phone, wallet keys. I had an Under Armour bar, but something about the clips on the bag made a squeaky noise when I walked. It was super annoying! So you can see in the below pic, the new bag I bought and its squeak free..

I think the moral of this post is to save money where you can. If you don’t need an amazing crop or branded tops, don’t spend the money. Spend a bit more on the necessary pieces and then save on the rest. Also, shop during sales and at the DFO’s, I always find great buys there at a discounted price. Stores like Kmart and Target are also getting really good at their activewear, so you can pick up some super cheap and stylish items.

Below is a pair of Lululemon tights and bag, Nike shoes, Cotton on crop and top.



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