What food snacks I pack in the car when travelling

I love road trips! There is something so freeing about packing the car and heading off down the open road. People often say to me, ‘why don’t you just fly?’ and the answer is simple… It’s not all about the destination, I enjoy the journey.

But before I go anywhere the one thing I always make sure I pack in the car is food! I have always been organised with my food, but since having my son I am pedantic about having plenty of snacks on board. As I head off again this weekend for a road trip with Odin, these are my must haves:


Seems like a no-brainer, but so many people overlook the humble piece of fruit when travelling. Crazy… An apple keeps Odin occupied for at least an hour in the back seat and is a relatively clean fruit for enjoying in the car. Bananas are awesome because they come in their own protective cover, winning.Β  The other fruits I always pack are a container of berries, simply because they are delicious and high in antioxidants.

Rice crackers

I used to pack a packet of potato chips in the car, but not only are they super messy, they are also full of salt and oil. So I swapped the chips for a packet of these rice crackers, which are super tasty and healthy. Just be careful when picking your rice crackers, as some are full of salt and have no nutritional benefits.

Veggie sticks

This might sound boring, but when your driving down the highway, sometimes you aren’t actually hungry, just bored. Having a container of cut up carrots, celery and green beans, is a great way to increase your veggie intake and gives you something to do while driving. Occasionally I can even get Odin to eat a carrot stick!

Muesli bars or oat balls

You can never have enough snacks, especially ones that are high in protein and keep you feeling full. Now when we talk about muesli bars and oat balls, homemade is always best. This is my Oat balls recipe. But as I have mentioned before there are good store bought options, check out my snack blog for some good suggestions.

Pack of jelly lollies

Every road trip needs some lollies! I buy 1 packet of jelly snakes and portion them out over the trip. To be honest I occasionally use them as the bribe, ‘sit quietly or there wont be any snakes!!’ I know, I know, but sometimes on a road trip, its about survival mode.

Last but not least… Water! Don’t forget to pack a couple of drink bottles.

Be organised…Β snacks on the road can be super expensive. Safe travels…



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