Is a Personal Trainer worth the money?

On this topic, I may be a bit biased… I’m a qualified group trainer and in the process of completing my Personal Training certificate. I also work in a gym and have been under the guidance of a personal trainer and coach for over 5 years. So for me, even if you are a trainer, it’s good to have a trainer. You never stop learning.

Let’s look at some of the reasons you may want to invest in a personal trainer:


Training hard is great, but if you aren’t seeing results, you may find yourself losing motivation. This is were a trainer comes in. A PT is there to develop a training regime that is specific to your particular goals and requirements. They are trained to guide you through your sessions, make the most of your workouts and help you a get results.

New to the gym

If you are new to the gym environment, the machines, dumbbells and equipment can be daunting, leaving you feeling confused and overwhelmed. A trainer can help guide you through this process, by explaining the exercises, proper technique and answer any questions you may have.

Learn new skills

A Personal Trainer should be a wealth of knowledge, developing your skills within the gym and providing you with new and exciting ways to get the most from your training. A trainer should give you the confidence to train with to without them, utilising different exercises, machines and techniques.

Hold you accountable

By making a weekly appointment with a trainer, you have a greater commitment to your training and are more likely to show up. You are also more likely to train on non PT days, as you feel motivated, more confident and have a specific goal you and your trainer are working towards. Often when you don’t workout, a trainer will contact you and find out what’s going on, so be prepared!


It is absolutely necessary to get clearance from a doctor when undertaking any exercise program after an injury. Once clearance has been obtained, contacting a PT may be a good next step.Β  They can work in conjunction with your doctor or specialist and provide you with a program to aid in your recovery.

Things to consider:


Have you heard of the saying, ‘if your good at something, never do it for free?’ Well this certainly applies to trainers. As with most things in life, cheaper isn’t always better and you get what you pay for. Experienced trainers know their worth and they charge accordingly. My coach for example, charges $80 per week for online training and meal plans and $130 per week to include a PT session. Another trainer I have had charged $90 per 45min session. A cheaper PT may only charge $40-$60 per session. Now this certainly doesn’t mean that a cheaper PT isn’t any good or doesn’t know their stuff, you only need to look at Kmart to know that sometimes cheap is good! But in my experience, the really great trainers are a bit more expensive and are worth the money.


Does the PT just offer a training session or do they also offer weekly programs, online assistance, group forums, training videos and food advice. Some trainers may be more expensive because they offer a more advanced product, with extra inclusions. By utilising some of the extra inclusions, such as weekly programs, you may start to see greater results sooner.

Finding the right trainer

No two trainers are the same. Often you will find that trainers like to specialise in a specific area, such as, strength training, pregnancy, body building, weight lose, boot camps, children or group fitness. Before deciding on a trainer, find out what they specialise in and where their passion is. You will generally find that they are more knowledgeable in some areas, than in others.

StyleΒ of training

All trainers have a different approach to their style of training. Some may prefer a softer approach, while others are more like drill sergeants, barking orders. Think about which approach is best for you.

So yes, I certainly believe a trainer is worth the money, but do your research. Know what you want from a trainer, how they approach their training, what inclusions they offer and how much are they.



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