5 Must have pantry items…

There are some things that I just have to have in my pantry, because I use them everyday. The below 5 items are things I use in snacks, for breakfasts and for cooking. I suggest buying them in large quantities and keeping them in containers in the pantry. Most items will keep for months. So these are my top 5 pantry must haves…


Oats are super versatile, cheap and form the base to many of my recipes. A basic packet of oats from the supermarket is about $1.50 and can last for months in the pantry, not that mine ever last that long!! I use oats to make:

  1. Oat balls
  2. Granola
  3. Breakfast smoothies
  4. Porridge
  5. Cookies
  6. Oat slice
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Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a great alternative to sugar, as it adds a sweetness to your food. It can also be stored for in the pantry for months. I add dried fruit to slices, cookies, oat balls and Odin often has them as snacks. Some of the fruits I use are:

  1. Sultanas
  2. Cranberries
  3. Apricots
  4. Pineapple
  5. Apple slices


Spreads are good for combining ingredients in your cooking and add a yummy flavour. The spreads I mainly use are honest, nut butter, tahini, and peanut butter. I use them for:

  1. Oat balls
  2. Peanut butter cookies
  3. Granola
  4. Whole-wheat toast topping
  5. With vegetable sticks
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Not only are nuts a great protein source, but they add a much needed crunch to my snack recipes. They are also a great snack on the run, pop some into a container and snack on them at work or just during the day. When selecting nuts ensure they are natural without any additives. I keep these in my pantry:

  1. Almonds
  2. Peanuts
  3. Hazelnuts
  4. Pistachios
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Seeds are super nutritious and a great source of fibre, they contain important minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. They can help reduce blood pressure, blood sugars andΒ  cholesterol, not to mention they add a delicious crunchy element to your food. My favourite seeds are:

  1. Chia seeds
  2. Pumpkin seeds
  3. Sunflower seeds
  4. Sesame seeds

By having all of these items in your pantry you will be able to quickly whip up tasty snacks without having to go to the supermarket.



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