What do I actually eat in a day….

I have been writing a few blogs recently about different diets available and what they entail. However, I haven’t actually discussed what I eat on a daily basis. So here is a snap shot of my food each day…

Breakfast (one of the following)

-2 pieces whole-wheat toast with Peanut butter

-2 pieces whole-wheat toast with 2 boiled eggs

-bowl of oats with berries

I usually have a cup of English breakfast Tea with a dollop of milk

 *I always eat breakfast and I train about an hour after breakfast for an hour. 

Post gym snack (one of the following)

-Protein shake (made with water) and a nut bar

Oats  and a banana


Lunch (one of the following)

-Leftovers (I often cook more than I need for dinner so I can have it for lunch, this might be minestrone soup, chicken stir-fry, slow cooked chicken thighs and veggies or roast chicken and salad.

-4 salmon sushi rolls

-chicken and salad wrap


Snack (one of the following, unless I’m super hungry, then I have both!) 

-Greek yoghurt and homemade granola

-Mixed berries and 2 boiled egg

I usually have a cup of coffee in the afternoon, instant coffee with a splash of milk

Dinner (one of the following)

-salmon with capers and greens

-steak and greens with oven baked chips

-Roast chicken/beef with pumpkin, greens and rice

-slow cooked chicken thighs with veggies and rice


Oat Balls

-Two pieces dark chocolate

Cup of English breakfast tea with a dollop of milk


Remember, this is just a sample if what I eat in a day. Of course I have a variety of dishes and sometimes I eat out, get takeaway and eat junk… It’s all about the balance.



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