Love takeaway? But are there healthy options…

We all have those days when coming home and cooking is just too hard. So we turn to the takeaway menu… But this can be a slippery slop towards big portions, loads of salt, loads of sugar and of course eating the leftovers the next day. However, there are healthier options on the takeaway menus, that wont derail your healthy eating plan.

Fish and Chips

Steer clear – So its no surprise, you need to stay away from the fried foods, such as the battered fish, potato cakes (or scallops), chips, calamari rings and dim sims.

Enjoy – Fish is a great option but ask for it grilled. Also lots of fish and chip shops also offer chicken, which is a good alternative. Ask for a side of salad and maybe limit it to one potato cake.


Steer Clear – Again, anything deep fried is not a good option, so the spring rolls, deep fried chicken or prawns and wontons. Also the sauces can be very high in sugars and other additives, so try something with minimal dressing.

Enjoy – Try and order things with lots of vegetables, such a mixed stir-fry, or tofu and vegetable dishes. Soups a good entrée and a great way of avoiding the spring rolls! Look at meat dishes like chicken and cashew with mixed vegetables, these generally have less sauce and are high in protein, to help you feel full. If you order rice, go for the plain boiled rice as opposed to fried rice.


Steer Clear – Stay away from the additions when ordering, such as the garlic bread, dessert, cheesy and thick crusts. Minimise the processed meats like, pepperoni, ham and salami.

Enjoy – Ideally you want to look for a thin based pizza crust with lots of vegetables. Ask for less cheese, as they tend to pile it on. Chicken pizza is also a good option.


Steer Clear – Avoid any upgrades, such as, larger chips, bigger soft drinks, double burgers and meal deals which include desserts.

Enjoy – Pick the smallest size meal and have water as the drink. Try a grilled chicken burger with salad. Many establishments offer wraps, instead of burgers, these would be a better alternative.


Steer Clear – Avoid creamy sauces such as cabonara. Minimise the heavy carb entrées, like garlic bread and cheesy bread.

Enjoy – Select dishes with tomato based sauces, such as, Napolitana, Bolognese and Marinara. Ask for a salad as a side dish and try pastas and pizzas packed with veggies.


  1. Keep your portions under control, order enough for one meal, no leftovers.
  2. Do not upsize
  3. Don’t add to the meal with desserts and entrees
  4. Stay away from fried foods
  5. Keep takeaway to a minimum, once a fortnight
  6. Drink water with your meal instead of soft drink or alcohol


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