What’s in my gym bag???

Most people think all you need is a drink bottle, maybe a towel… but if your like me and go to the gym before work, or like to be prepared for every situation, you might need a little more in your bag…

Firstly lets start with the bag. I have a massive bag from Under Armour which has heaps of pockets and compartments for all of my stuff. Some people may not want a big gym bag, but if your like me and like to be prepared, a big bag is a must. This one has inner compartments for my drink bottle and protein shake, as well as 2 exterior zip pockets which I use for my phone and keys and an exterior mesh pocket I use for food (fruit, oats, muesli bar).


For the workout itself, it’s all of my must haves. Even if I am traveling, this is all the stuff I will bring with me. So we have:

  1. Lifting gloves: Some people think it’s a bit ‘soft’ to wear gloves, but I don’t care I need them! I chooseΒ harbinger gloves they just seem to fit me well and provide comfort against the weights.
  2. Lifting straps: Again these aren’t for everyone, but I find them useful when doing heavy deadlifts, as I tend to loose grip. Also because of my arthritis, I find my joints give out, but with straps allow the muscles to take over and I can keep lifting. I useΒ Reebok straps because they have a bit more give in them, when compared to others I have used which hurt my wrists.
  3. My tunes: Yes I am old school, I like to use an ipod as opposed to my phone, don’t know why I just do. Also these are the wireless Dre beats, a must for me, I hate wires in the gym, I get all tangled.
  4. Elbow brace: This is for my arthritis, I just need to extra support in my elbow.


Other essentials I always have:

  1. Food: I never leave for a workout without some extra snacks for afterwards. I am always hungry on the way home and if I am off to work or an appointment, food is a must. Usually I have a banana, an oat ball and a muesli bar with me. All easy to pack and if you don’t eat them, they are fine the next day.
  2. Protein shake: I usually pack a shake, ready to have just in case. I don’t always have it, but its there if I need it, generally when I have had a big session.
  3. Towel: Always use a towel people… Its gross!!
  4. Toiletry bag: Even if you don’t shower and get changed at the gym, its just nice to have these with you: Extra spray deodorant, face mist, lip balm, body wipe, tissues
  5. Hat: Why have a hat in gym? Well for one it hides icky oily hair, but more importantly my hair tends to get in my way.

So there you have it, that’s why my bag is so big! But I am prepared for anything… What’s in your gym bag???


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