Simple breakfast suggestions to start your day…

Whether your a breakfast lover, or a breakfast skipper, these delicious, easy suggestions will get you excited about starting your day.

Homemade Granola and Yoghurt

This homemade granola you can make in advance and keep in a container, it generally lasts me a week. All you need to do is add some greek yoghurt and berries and your off. It’s packed with oats, seeds and grains and provides a great start to the day.

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Oat Balls 

The great thing about oats balls is you can add lots of different things to find the perfect blend for you. Also they are quick to make, you can take them anywhere and once made they require no further preparation to enjoy. If I don’t eat breakfast as soon as I get up, I take them with me and munch on them during the morning. If you are looking for some extra protein in your diet, these are a great option to add protein powder to. This recipe is one of my favourites  and provides a great base to start your Oat Balls

Store bought Oat Sachets

If you find yourself at a complete lose and unable to prepare anything, there are lots of great options out there that are pre-made, ready to go. If you follow my Instagram, you will know I’m a fan of  Humming Bird products. They have delicious oat sachets that only require boiling water, they also sell the mug for preparation. I always keep some sachets in the cupboard because, well let’s be honest, we all have those days when its all just too hard…


A favourite with everyone, toast is a staple in our house. But what type of bread and what goes on it, make a big difference to the nutritional value it adds to your day. I won’t go into the the nitty gritty of the different breads, but basically you are better off with a wholegrain bread. Wholegrain means you eat the entire grain, not something that has been processed, then had the grains re-added. It is a generally a less processed bread, high in dietary fibre, which keeps us feeling fuller for longer. So that’s the bread sorted, now what to add to it. Ideally you want something that adds nutritional benefit to your body and keeps you feeling full. Here are some low calorie suggestions:

  1. Baked beans:
  2. Avocado
  3. Peanut or nut butter with banana
  4. Soft or hard boiled eggs
  5. Low fat cream cheese
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The always popular smoothie is a great choice because you can make it and take it with you. One of my favourites is:

-frozen banana and berries

-2 spoonful’s great yoghurt

– chia seeds

-almond milk

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Just a few suggestions to get you started… Enjoy!












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