Maintaining a healthy diet while traveling

Like so many families, I am currently travelling interstate with my son and we are staying in a hotel. Which can be a lot of fun, but also presents its challenges when it comes to healthy eating and avoiding the dreaded mini bar snacks, continuous dining out and takeaways.As soon as we entered the hotel room Odin ran straight for the mini bar and starting asking for chips and chocolate. After saying a definitive “NO!”, later that day he asked for more snacks after his nap and I realised I had nothing to give him. I usually have snacks and things with me but this time I was caught out, like I’m sure lots of people are, hence raiding the mini bar. So I went straight to the shops and picked up a few supplies for the two us for the next few days. So here is a comparisonΒ  picture, of what I bought from the shops, compared to what was offered at the mini bar. As you can see, I have:-Fruit: Bananas, strawberries and blueberries-Nut bars (I choose these ones from Go Natural because they have 4.5 star health rating, no artificial colours or flavours and are mostly nuts). I literally have these in all of my bags, including my gym bag. They are great for a snack on the go, easily transportable, don’t spoil and a healthy snack.-Instant Oats (for these oats you just add hot water and away you go)-T2 teas-Greek yoghurt (left out of the pic, its in the fridge)The mini bar offered, chips, chocolate, soft drinks, alcohol, sugary fruit juice, lamington biscuits and popcorn (probably the best item).A few tips for travelling:

  1. Try to select a short stay apartment, as opposed to a hotel. These tend to have kitchen facilities (microwave, kettle, stovetop) and a bigger fridge for storing food. They can be a bit more expensive, but you will save money by not eating out all of the time.
  2. Find accommodation near a supermarket or shops. Make it easy to purchase your groceries as soon as you arrive so that you are stocked up for your stay
  3. Don’t waste time, go the supermarket as soon as you arrive. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to snack on other foods.
  4. Buy foods that require little to no preparation. These days there are some great instant meal options that are healthy and cost effective. Most just require a microwave.
  5. Travel with Tupperware. Yes I always travel with an empty Tupperware container… This is so I can pack snacks for Odin, like mixed berries, grapes, cheese and crackers, nuts and veggie sticks.

As you can see this isn’t the perfect nutritional diet, but you cant always be perfect. Sometimes its about making the best choices for the situation.Strong.Fit.Mom

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